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Why Power Wash a House?

People from all sorts of occupational backgrounds often ask us:

Why is pressure washing a house necessary?
Why do I need to power wash the exterior of my home?
Will it help me sell my home if it’s on the market?
How often should I power wash my home?

The following are some situation-specific reasons for pressure washing (or low-pressure washing) a home’s exterior.

Will it help me sell my home if it’s on the market?

The key to selling a home is to put its best foot forward. You want the potential buyers to imagine themselves in the home, right? Well then don’t you want them to  see it in its best shape possible? If a home has a grimy exterior or just looks unkempt, it makes the home significantly less attractive to potential buyers. It also suggests that the previous homeowners weren’t taking care of the house. It makes people ask, “What condition is the rest of the house in?” By regular maintenance cleanings, you can make the right first impression.  Show potential buyers you are taking care of your home!

Why Power Wash?

How Often Should I Power Wash My Home?

Many people are unsure how often they should power wash their home. They may think that the siding looks fine and potentially go years without washing it. Therefore it may be years down the road before the person even considers power washing their siding. Since the discoloration or staining takes time to develop, most people do not realize how bad their siding looks until they have it cleaned. Power washing should be done once a year, even if it doesn’t seem overly dirty.

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Homes take a beating in both the winter and summer here in St. Louis, so these annual cleanings are necessary to keep your siding free of permanent staining. This can ultimately save you thousands of dollars in replacement siding.

These are just a few of the reasons you should power wash you home’s exterior.  Whether you’re trying to sell your home or just wanting to keep it looking good, power washing the exterior is a valuable investment.

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