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The 2018 Pressure Washing Season Is Upon Us!

It may have been cold these last few weeks in St. Louis, but it’s already warming up!
If you or someone you know will be needing our pressure washing services early this Spring,
don’t hesitate to schedule a free estimate now.

With seasonal businesses such as ours, we often receive a burst of work
requests in late February and early March. As a result, our schedule fills
up quickly. We’d love to be able to help everyone that needs our services, but
as the saying goes, “there are only so many hours in the day”.

If you think you may need a pressure washing, mold removal, deck or fence restorations,
or any of our other services, get ahead of the rush!

Contact us today for a free estimate, and we will set up a time that works for you!

Thank you again! We look forward to this season and wish STL the best in 2018!

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STL Staining Special

Cedar Front Before

Before Pressure Washing and Staining

Cedar Front After

After Pressure Washing and Staining

Here at STL Power Wash, we are gearing up for the 2016 season, and our schedule is filling up quick. If you need our deck restoration or fence staining services, give us a call today! We drive all throughout St. Louis and see old, worn-down and dirty decks, fences, and cedar houses that could look as good as new with just a little cleaning and staining.

It can be tempting to let that deck or fence “sit for just another year”, but our pressure washing professionals can GET IT DONE and GET IT DONE RIGHT. If you have been letting it sit for the past few years, want a new color, or have recently had a new addition to your home, it is important to protect it against the weather. Cleaning and staining these structures adds value to your home and keeps it looking new.

People ask us, what does staining or sealing a deck or fence actually do, and why is it necessary to stain a deck? We’ll answer this question with a question: Why do trees have bark? It’s a durable outer layer that protects the wood from rotting. The same is true for the wood material used to build a deck or fence. It will rot if it doesn’t have a protective outer layer. This is why a wooden structure like a fence will deteriorate if you expose it to the elements for too long.

We are currently discounting our services by 10%. Simply mention the title of this ad “STL Staining Special” to redeem the discount. Give us a call today for a free estimate. Reinvest in your home and keep it looking new, before a whole rebuild is the only option.

Phone: 636-448-6867

Spring is Near!

It’s warming up once again here in St. Louis, and we are looking forward to the new season and warm weather! If you or someone you know is looking for a part-time or full-time job and loves to work outdoors, visit our website and fill out our contact form to work with us! Our type of work is great for college students looking to make some extra money during the summer. We offer great pay and flexible hours.

We hope everyone is enjoying the weather! Get outside and enjoy the day!

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