Having clean, spotless cars is vital for any car dealership. Because these cars sit out in the open exposed to the tough St. Louis seasons, they can take a beating. This can make them look dirty and suppress sales, greatly affecting a dealership’s bottom line. A power wash and shammy can keep those cars looking brand new, catching a consumer’s eye and driving sales. Just a little investment in cleaning your inventory can result in big time sales increases.



For the managers of a parking garage, cleanliness is crucial. A driver needs to trust that their car and their belongings will be safe and if a garage looks dirty or unkempt, it may signal that no one is going to watching their vehicle. If that’s the case, spots are going to go empty and a lot of money will be left right on the table due to the garage looking sketchy or abandoned. By hiring the power washing professionals at STL Power Wash LLC, you can keep your garage looking neat and new, showing that the property is maintained and garage managers are keeping a close eye on their car.



For the business owner, keeping a business tidy can help with employee morale and contribute to a culture of success. By taking pride in the way a business looks, employees will know that a certain standard has been set and that they are expected to live up to it. By contacting STL Power Wash LLC, you can help keep your business looking like new and give your employees a place where they are proud to work.

We can also work in the winter months to remove salt from a given surface. Many people don’t think about it, but those chemicals which help melt the ice also can erode concrete if left on too long. By hiring us to clear away this salt after a storm, a business owner can prevent discoloration and other problems with concrete. No matter how harsh the elements or how much abuse your concrete has suffered, a power washing can make it look as good as new.



Nothing is more inviting to potential renters,  than for apartments complexes to be spotlessly clean. By keeping a clean look for any level of property management, it shows consumers that you care about your property, take great pride in it, and provide a superior level of maintenance. By pressure washing properties you manage, you help to ensure a good clean image.

Not only will it be more visually appealing to new tenants, it will help keep them safe as well. By keeping concrete clean and weather treated, you can prevent cracks and other problems which could cause liability issues. One slip-and-fall lawsuit can cause your insurance premiums to skyrocket, so spending just a little bit of money to prevent these problems can save you the stress of a property liability lawsuit.