For most people, the largest investment made in a lifetime is their home. Cleaning that home is important to maintain the life and value. Power washing is one of the most neglected forms of house maintenance but it is also one of the most effective ways to both preserve an keep a clean looking home. Airborne dirt, debris and even toxins that can circulate and become embedded onto the roof, siding, decks and concrete.

Our most common service is our Full Exterior House Wash. This includes cleaning the siding, rinsing the windows, and washing the gutters and downspouts with our standard cleaning solution. Our cleaning solution will eat through the layers of mold and mildew without damaging the siding. We then rinse away the cleaner with a low-pressure water stream until all of the mold and discoloration are removed. A cleaning like this will prevent further mold from growing for another 16-24 months, on average.

Most professionals will agree that washing your home should be done once a year, or every other year depending on your home’s landscape. Mold may grow on the siding at different rates due to the number of trees in the area, nearby lakes and pools, and other weather conditions that may promote mold growth. Along with mold, spiderwebs and dust can also be more or less likely to develop as a result of the areas landscape. These are also removed as part of our Full Exterior House Wash.

Because the discoloration or staining can take time to develop, a person often does not realize how bad their siding looks until they have it cleaned. Because St. Louis homes take a beating in both the winter and summer, these yearly cleanings can keep your siding free of permanent staining, saving you thousands of dollars in replacement siding. If it has been a while since you’ve had your home power washed, give us a call. After the whole house is cleaned and rinsed, your home will look like houseclean house

A deck can be a beautiful addition to a home. Aside from increasing a home’s value, it can be a great place to host gatherings or just enjoy a nice summer evening. But with owning a deck comes regular maintenance, including a regular power washing. Because a deck can take a beating from the sun, from rain, and from snow and ice, a power washing professional from STL Power Wash LLC can make even the most weather-worn deck spring to life.

The first part of the Deck Restoration process consists of applying a proper wood stripper and other cleaning solutions. This helps to break down the previous stain and any mold that has formed. It also makes the initial pressure cleaning more effective. The end result is your deck looking like it did before any stain was applied i.e. new wood. We will also use a wood brightener for the more treatment-resistant stained areas if needed.

Then we apply the stain or toner of your choice. The rule of thumb says you can always use a more opaque stain than the previous application. For example, if your last coat was a clear sealer, you can then apply another clear sealer, semi-transparent stain, or solid color stain. If your last coat was a semi-transparent stain, you can use another semi-transparent stain, semi-solid stain, or solid-color stain. It is more difficult, however, to go from a semi-solid or semi-transparent stain back to a clear coat or toner. The more transparent stain will most likely not cover a more opaque stain, the previous stain will show through. Do not worry, all of these details are covered in the initial estimate so both parties know what to expect.

We also use all of the top-of-the-line brands such as: TWP, Sherwin-Williams, PPG, and more. The better stains last longer and look better.

Here is a before and after shot of a complete deck restoration. This new stain will last and look great for another 4-5 years!

TWP (10)TWP (11)


Most people don’t think about their concrete and the beating it takes. From weather elements to cars and people pounding it with their feet, stains and other discolorations just naturally happen. It’s a good idea to power wash your driveway, walkway, and other concrete surfaces in order to prevent this discoloration from becoming permanent. By contacting STL Power Wash LLC, you can keep your concrete looking fresh and make your home look sharp for your neighbors.


This treatment will not only make your concrete look like it was freshly paved, it can also help prevent cracking or weathering that lead to problems with a driveway or other concrete. By applying weather sealer after a cleaning, the cement will be protected from ice, water, or any other environmental elements which can age a driveway. This will keep the driveway looking new for years to come.


STL Power Wash has the latest cleaners and newest pressure washers to make any concrete on your property look like new. From using high-powered pressure washers to blast the dirt away to applying weather protection to keep it from cracking, these periodic treatments can save expensive repairs and keep a home’s value from depreciating.


While some people may try to clean and treat their concrete themselves, it is generally a good idea to hire professionals to do this job for you. The professionals at STL Power Wash take great care in making sure homes and vehicles are not damaged by flying debris or by the water itself. Those unfamiliar with these tools can suddenly find themselves cracking windows with rocks coming off the driveway. A professional power washer will make sure the job is done right without any problems.